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In September 2018, the California Homemade Food Operations Act (AB 626) unanimously passed the state Legislature and was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown!

however, counties must OPt-In to offer the permits.

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Here’s what needs to happen

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how you can get your county onboard:

  1. Check to see if we’ve identified a lead for your County. Leads have the latest information on whether your County is opting-in!

  2. Contact your Board of Supervisors (click for a list of County websites) to encourage your county to opt-into AB 626 permits:

    1. You’ll want to describe why it’s important to you as a home cook, local food advocate, or entrepreneur.

    2. Download the sample resolution language here.

  3. Make sure you’re signed up for our emails and following us on Facebook for the latest updates and then share this page with friends!

    1. Asking just a few friends to get involved goes a really long way!

County implementation leads

  • To be announced shortly— local leads are responsible for leading conversations with elected officials and organizing support within each county. Please email us at if you are interested in a leadership role!

Sample opt-in resolution language

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Thank you for your support!

If you’d like to help out in other ways, please fill out this simple form or reach us by email at