Creating Opportunities
Opening Kitchens


We’ve been fighting for home cooks’ right to dignified, legal, and profitable work since 2014. Our groundbreaking 2018 home cooking legislation (AB 626) created a new permit for “Microenterprise Home Kitchens”, making California the first state where home cooks can sell all types of prepared foods to the public.

With new legislation passed, we’re expanding our focus to make sure that this new industry is more fair, more equitable, and more impactful than the traditional food and gig industries. We will support cooks directly with education and tools, while continuing our policy leadership and labor organizing on their behalves.

Our work, and this movement, are just beginning.


Women Carrying Hot Cauldron

COok support

We help cooks become savvier and more empowered entrepreneurs, so they can make their businesses work for their lifestyles and goals.

Women Stirring Giant Soup

Policy Leadership

We translate labor and social justice interests into equitable legislation at all levels of government, creating hard power and safeguards for home cooks.

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Labor Organizing

We organize the collective voice of home cooks to bend the practices and standards of this new industry towards dignified and equitable gig work.

Food is Made by people.

Cooks we’ve polled in the informal food economy are:




African, Hispanic or Multiracial Descent


First generation immigrants


Household income
under $45K